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Flow chain coveyor is designed to convey bulk materials such as iron dust, fly ash, cement, chemicals, fertilizers, parmaceutical products and grain.
It does this horizontally or on gentle inclines.





  1. Compact and Economical Design
    Flow fetures impressive space saving advantage compared to other types of conveyors. It requires only 1/5 the space needed by conventional belt conveyors and 2/3 the space for scew conveyors, to convey the same tonnage.

  2. Dust Tight and Rain Proof
    The casings are totally enclosed, dust-tight, and rain proof. This eliminates worry about dispersion, spilling, and dust leakage from the conveyed material. Contamination by rain water will never be a problem.

  3. Flexible Layout
    Flow allows you to choose the location of multiple feed and discharge openings at any point in the intermediate casing.
    It all depends on the conveying path and the kind and characteristcs of the material to be conveyed.
    Flexible layout of hoppers and discharge openings on a single Flow.

  4. Tough, Wear-Proof Chain
    Steel bushed roller chains with skeletonized flights or specially designed attachments ensure smooth sprocket engagement.
    The results are less wear and longer life compared to cast or forged chain.

  5. Easy Erection and Maintenance
    Casings, chain and other parts are precision made and standardized for uniformity, easy installation, and simple maintenance
For MHI- JFE steel - sintering machine hopper conveyor Head Case - For - Press : 2000mmAq Tailcase - For - Presser : 2000mmAq

For Fly ash Conveyor For - SNNC - Nickel Dust Conveyor